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IWWM10 - New York - 2018

We thank Steven Treon and his team for organizing the fantastic IWWM10 in New York in October this year. A great meeting and motivation for all of us to continue our efforts to improve treatment of WM



  • BNLI (R. Owen/UK)
  • Czech Myeloma Group (R. Hajek/Czech Republic)
  • FIL Italian Intergroup (A. Tedeschi/Italy)
  • FCGCLLWM Group (P. Morel, X. Leleu, V.LeBlond/France)
  • GLA/OSHO (C. Buske, M. Dreyling, M. Herold/Germany)    
  • Greek Myeloma Study Group (M. Dimopoulos, E. Kastritis/Greece)
  • HOVON (M.-J. Kersten/Netherlands)                                                            
  • Nordic Lymphoma Group (E. Kimby/Sweden)
  • Portuguese Lymphoma Study Group (M. Gomes da Silva/Portugal)
  • Spanish Study Group (R. Garcia Sanz/Spain)


In association with the "Australasian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group" (ALLG).





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