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Lisa Marie Kaiser

by Lisa Marie Kaiser, 2016 Young Investigator Award Recipient

Ambition, Devotian and making a Difference by Lisa Marie Kaiser article published in the IWMF patient magazine "torch" for people suffering from Waldenström's disease (WM) (article on page 6).



 The WhiMSICAL (Waldenström's Macroglobulinemia Study Involving CArt-wheeL) study is utilising the CART-WHEEL questionnaire to capture data from WM patients

Lisa Marie Kaiser

Ibrahim Tohidi-Esfahani, Sydney Australia

We need you to keep CART-WHEEL in motion


Our questionnaire collects information from people all over the world, so we can build a rare tumor database to address some of the barriers facing effective research into rare types of tumors.


CART-WHEEL.org is designed to collect information from people such as you, who have rare cancers/tumors. Using the CART-WHEEL rare tumor database, people from all over the world are able to register and fill out a privacy-protected, internet-based questionnaire which covers information ranging from your tumor type and treatment received, to aspects of your family history. (www.cart-wheel.org)


Lets work together to understand rare diseases such as WM better!


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